In the decades since I left High school (that's over 30 years ago - my, how time flies) I have learnt so much more about history than what I was taught in school. So this page will touch on some of those areas of history that mainstream academia don't want you to know about.

In Archaeology for example. There are a number of artifacts that have been found, that do NOT fit the official world history. So they get ignored by academia.

Official History say that 5000 years ago humans stopped being hunters and gatherers and settled down to begin using agriculture to provide for the family. For the next 3 to 4000 years, official history says that humans were not capable of doing or being anything more than farmers or sheep herders.

I beg to differ.

In 1972 Andrew Tomas published a small book claiming that We Are Not The First

As you can see by the images above, Tomas lists a number of inventions or discoveries that we have merely rediscovered, but that were actually known to the ancients. Thus they were never as ignorant as official history says they were. This actually confirms my thinking on Atlantis. That they were either silly enough to blow themselves up with something they didn't understand, or some major natural disaster happened to the planet. In order to drown an island permanently, one would have to move it to some place where it would never be discovered - like the south pole.

I think this planet has gone through several (what I call) epochs or eons, where humans have created brilliant civilisations over and over again. But at the peak of thise civilizations, they do something silly or stupid that causes a devastation and the survivors have to start ALL over again. This explains why there are ancient artifacts (OOPArt = Out of Place Artifacts) being discovered that do not fit in with the current official history. Because they belong to a previous epoch's history. This theory has been mentioned on this Forbidden History page.

Some examples of inventions that have been discovered from previous epochs include - the Dendera electric light bulbs, the Baghdad batteries, the Antikythera computer, and the flying machines of India and Egypt.

It is also possible that the last devastation was a major natural disaster. Quite possibly, an Earth Crustal displacement in which the earths crust moved some 30 to 45 degrees so that what is now the Antarctic Continent moved into the southern polar regions, from its previous position in the Temperate zone. The last epoch was destroyed about 12,000 years ago - at the height of Atlantis. The Atlanteans were expert sailors. The survivors got into their boats and sailed away - some to South America. some to Asia and some even made it all the way to North Africa. I believe that someday we will find proof that the Atlantis civilization was real. Legends dont just get made up. They usually have some small kernel of truth in them.

Of course noone has any proof for any of these theories - except for things like ancient maps that dont fit with "official" history, and pyramids in many different countries, and ancient civilisations that developed extremely quickly, complete with a fully developed alphabet. So these are my theories of what really happened on this planet going back 12,000 years and more.

The following is an paraphrased excerpt from a page about the reality of Atlantis.

Modern archaeologists these days constantly keep deriding the existance of Atlantis by saying that Atlantis never existed because there is no evidence of such a place. But what if there was such a place? And we have just forgotten it, because it no longer exists. Like modern buildings can fall into nothing - just look at the the world trade towers collapse on Sept 11, 2001. This showed that things like wood, metal, glass, plastic, fabric, rubber, concrete and therefore probably even stone, can all be ground down to their atoms, eventually, and usually, over long periods of time.

Hollywood, movies and sceptic archaeologists have all contributed to the creation of the mythology around Atlantis.

Due to this mythification, most people assume that Atlantis does not exist. Its just another myth like every other story that the Greeks had. Except that the Greeks are not the only ones with such a “myth”. Indeed EVERY SINGLE religion on Earth has some form of Great Flood story, which suggests that there really was some form of major disaster around the time that the glaciers melted.

And if this flooding of Atlantis was what caused the diaspora of Cro-Magnon man from Atlantis, then we can assume that Atlantis was the birthplace of much of modern mankind. The origin of humans and much of pre-historical culture is something that plagues every person at some point in our lifetime. Where did we come from? And was Cro-magnon man actually more technically advanced than we give them credit for?

If we take for granted that Atlantis did exist, and that humanity originated from there, what does that mean to us? Well - it throws a HUGE wrench into the mechanics of various religions for starters. Because the existance of one homeland for all mankind, destroys the creation myths, but still supports the Great Flood myth. It also changes how we look at other ancient societies, knowing that they too also originated from Atlantis and then somehow lost or forgot their memories and technology.

It suggests that we may have had a much higher level of technology 14,000 years ago and that we were forced to start over again roughly 12,000 years ago. And this fits with my previous statement above, about man going through epochs or eons of time and civilisation. And judging by the timeline of Cro-Magnon man (which started 36,000 years ago), it may take us another 20,000 years to reach the same level of technology that was used to build the pyramids. Especially since we still do NOT know how the Pyramids were built and what they were used for. We do know that they were NOT tombs!!!!

It also questions the permanency of materials today. Metals melt and rust away. Metals can also be salvaged and turned into other things. Glass breaks easily. Plastics slowly degrade. Bones, if not fossilized, also disappear. Wood rots. Stone is one of the few things that last, especially if they are too big to be moved by less technological cultures.

What have we built in the last 2000 years that is actually permanent? The Great Wall of China is made of brick and will eventually erode and fall apart. Steel buildings will rust away into nothing. Just think world Trade Towers on Sept 11. The Hoover Dam (one of the few things that can be seen from space) is perhaps one of the few buildings that will actually still be here in 10,000 years.

Fossils remain on the basis of being buried by sedimentary rock. The fossilized fresh water fish and land plants found in the Mid-Atlantis ridge for example. Actual bones are a rare find.

The Greek and Indian myths suggesting a Great War which burned the land and boiled the sea seems almost Apocalyptic, like a nuclear war. Zeus’s lightning bolts sounds almost like nuclear missiles. We already know that a nuclear blast can destroy the memory of what was a city, leaving behind only a shell. It makes us wonder if we might do it again and again. Constantly destroying our civilisations and the memories that are attached to those places, only to start over.

Source Atlantis Forgotten - Scroll down to the section called Today's Atlantis.

Below is a list of Books about the lost civilisations and ancient mysteries. Most of which are not yet acknowledged as true, correct and therefore official by the archaeological community. What if we were all to start asking the Question - What if History is wrong?

Some of the below books, I own, some I have read and others I have not yet read.

This book was originally published with this title in 1995. That is when I first learnt about Rand Flem-Ath, Charles Hapgood, Crustal Displacement, the Piri Reis Map and the idea that maybe Atlantis was located in what is now the Antarctica. In October 2009, an expanded and revised edition of this book was released along with a new title - Atlantis beneath the Ice - see above.
The sequel to the original Flem-Ath Book I read 20 years ago, (originally called When the Sky Fell - now called Atlantis Beneath the Ice), that first introduced me to the idea that maybe Atlantis was in the Antarctic under 2 miles of ice. This book ties the natural disaster of Noah's Flood with the last planetary crustal displacement that moved the earths crust into its present position. You can read more about this theory on the Flem-Ath Website.

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