Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

I have been interested in the JFK assassination since the 1990s at least. I read several books about it back then.
Those titles I remember reading include -
Rush to Judgement by Mark Lane,
Plausible Denial by Mark Lane,
Crossfire by Jim Marrs,
Conspiracy of Silence by Dr Charles Crenshaw
and The Last Dissenting Witness by Jean Hill.

Once I finally was able to get online in 1998, my interest in the assassination grew.
The one thing I knew was that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the assassin and that there was a conspiracy. The main reason I reached that conclusion was the frames in the Zapruder film following frame 313 (which is the killing shot) in which Jackie is scrambling around the back of the car in shock, suppposedly looking for the piece of skull from her husbands head.

Anything being hit by a bullet will be pushed in the same direction the bullet is travelling in. JFK went backwards and to his left when he was shot. The broken skull piece also went backwards - as seen by Jackie's actions to recover it, in the photo above. Ergo the bullet had to have come from the right front. If the bullet had come from behind - from the 6th floor of the school book depository - JFK would have clearly been pushed forwards and Jackie would have scrambled all over the Connallys in the jump seats looking for a skull piece. She clearly did not do that.

Many of the witnesses heard the sound of the shot coming from the Grassy knoll area. Even after the motorcade disappeared, the crowd can be seen in several home movies running towards the grassy knoll area.

Being a cyclical scanner, my interest in the Kennedy assassination comes and goes in cycles. Usually something happens or I read or hear something new about JFK and my interest is renewed.

In 2012, I was creating many pages on Squidoo when I remembered that the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination would be happening in November 2013. So I made a page for this anniversary and posted it on Squidoo in November 2012 on the 49th anniversary. (FYI Squidoo went out of business 2 years later in August 2014) While I did and still do believe in a conspiracy, I still did not know who was involved. So I made a list of those who could have been responsible for this crime, and the possible reasons why. Below is my list.

Lee Harvey Oswald - Was he really set up to take the blame?
CIA and Military Industrial Complex - They wanted war in Vietnam
Lyndon Baines Johnson - VP who wanted to be President
The Mafia - Revenge for JFK and RFK interference
The Soviets (Russians) - Revenge for Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962
The Zionists (Israelis) - JFK refused to do what they told him to do
The Bankers (Bush Family) - JFK wanted to close down the Federal Reserve
Someone else for some other reason

Naively, I still thought that there was just ONE group involved.

By 2012, after reading and watching alternative news, I had learned to ask one question when questionable events occurr. Who benefits the most?

I figured that LBJ benefitted the most. He was just the VP. He desperately wanted to be the President. He knew that JFK was planning to replace him as his running mate for the 1964 election campaign, and he was friends with many of the banks and oilmen from Texas, especially since LBJ was a Texan himself. And after the assassination, Johnson was in a huge hurry to be sworn in as president on the plane before it even took off to fly back to DC. WHY?

Some of the JFK groups were asking - Where was LBJ in the motorcade? In the many pictures of the motorcade on Elm Street, he was missing from the Motorcade.

Proof that LBJ WAS in the motorcade. From left to Right - The Driver, LBJ. Mrs Johnson and Senator Yarborough. They were in the 3rd car of the motorcade.

But by the time the motorcade had turned into Elm Street Mrs Johnson can clearly be seen, but not LBJ. He was clearly not sitting next to his wife Ladybird. Why not? Where was he?

Up until this month (May 2015) I had never bothered to read anything about LBJ. So when I did, I discovered that he had blackmailed JFK into nominating him to be the VP running mate during the 1960 election camoaign. Kennedy had wanted a different person.

Also this month (May 2015) I came across a Brilliant Video on Youtube (uploaded in November 2014) called Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

In watching this 3 and a half hour long video, I finally learnt that FOUR of the groups on my list were involved - LBJ, CIA and Military Industrial Complex, The Mafia and The Bankers.

But according to this movie, LBJ was just another puppet. He was involved and was aware of what was going on, but he was not the mastermind and not the planner.
Of course he knew what was going to happen in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Remember how everyone was asking questions about where was LBJ if he was not in the car?
Below is the Johnsons car from the famous Altgens Photo Taken on Elm Street. Where is LBJ?

The answer was that LBJ was still in the car. He was in hiding, crouching down on the floor the moment the first shot went over his head. His wife knew her duty. She continued to stay on her seat, smiling and waving.

This movie goes on to describe the REAL history of the world, the USA, Europe, and we the people, since the end of World war 1. It explains why JFK had to be removed from the office of President of the free world. With some 50 years of research now available to us, this movie has given me the most detailed explanation for why there were so many shots heard at Dealey Plaza, where the killing shot actually came from, and why Officer J D Tippet was killed.

After the Motorcade had driven off, fake FBI and CIA men moved through Dealey Plaza picking up shell casings and bullets, and and trying to obscure evidence of multiple shots. They were trying to keep the evidence down to show that just one lone man did this shooting. At Parkland Hospital there were 2 bullets found. One broken and one in almost pristine condition. These two bullets plus James Tague's insistance that he was hit by a concrete chip that came off the curb after it was hit by a bullet, meant that the planners had to show proof of 4 bullets. One through Kennedy's throat, because he had had his hands up to his neck, One that missed and hit Tague, One that went through both Kennedy and Connally, (the magic bullet) and finally the Killing shot. One bullet also went though the windcsreen, but they ignored that one.

The movie also explained what happened to JFK's body. At Parkland Hospital the doctors all saw a small entry wound in JFK's neck indicating a shot from the front. They all also described a large open wound in the back right parietal section of the head. Also indicating a frontal shot. Neither of these supported the lone gunman in the School Book Depository scenario that had been planned.

So things had to be fixed up on the plane back to DC where the Official Autopsy would be held. First the body had to be moved. So everyone was ordered into AirForce One to watch VP Johnson being sworn in as the 36th President. We all know the famous photo where Jackie is standing next to LBJ. This was done to get her away from her husbands body.

While this was going on, JFK's body AND the body of Officer Tippet were loaded onto AirForce 2 and sent back to DC. Also on board AirForce 2 was a Reconstruction artist named Leggett whose job it was, was to fix up Tippets' body so that the photos of him would match the lone gunman scenario. Tippet had been killed precisely because he resembled JFK in height, weight, hairline and somewhat in facial features. See below.

You may think I am making things up. I swear, I am not. This is what the movie said. Now we know why Tippett was killed. Noone has bothered to ask about his body. When Jackie saw the autopsy photos, (the ones showing Tippett) she immediately said, "That's not Jack."

The more I study those Autopsy photos, the more I am convinced that Jackie was right. Those photos are not of Jack. They are of the Police Offier J D Tippett. So the questions now become - What happened to Jack Kennedy's body? And of course, what happened to his brain? And who's body is buried at Arlington National Cemetery? Is that Kennedy or Tippett?

At the beginning of this movie, the narrator says that there were at least 8 gunmen hidden around Dealey Plaza on that sunny day in November 1963. Towards the end of the movie, the narrator says there were a total of 16 shots!!!!! Jean Hill was always adamant that she heard between 6 and 8 shots.

The Movie described what happened in Dealey Plaza. Indicating who was involved, how they got to Dallas, where they were hiding. With all the Books I have read, some of this information was not new to me. And some of it was. So when it was all put together into one cohesive and logical story that fit all the facts and finally made sense, I was astonished. I no longer need to wonder how and why JFK was killed. This movie explains it all very nicely!!!!

This Movie also gives a brief explanation for why the official story of 9-11 does not make any sense. I started questioning the media and the official versions of 9-11, right from the day it happened, after watching one questionable moment that did not make sense. How can two towers freefall so fast and so neatly just from two planes crashing into them? That is just not logical. The buildings BELOW where the planes crashed had NO reason to fall. There was NO FIRE below where the planes hit. The lower parts of both towers should have remained standing. The only thing that can bring a building down in a freefall manner such as we all saw on 9-11 is a demolition. Those two towers - and also Building 7 later on the same day - were all brought down by demolition bombs. Which means they were wired up to be demolished, long BEFORE the planes hit.

The last thing this movie explains is WHY all this is happening.

War is money. Bankers play both sides of any war and they make mega bucks from providing weapons and loans of money to BOTH Sides.

There must always be an enemy, a boogie man. Something that the rich can use to keep us under control. Since WW2, the boogie man was Communism. When the Communist bloc fell in 1989, all of a sudden there was no enemy and when there is NO enemy people are no longer willing to pay for the military. So the Rich had to create a new enemy. So first we got Al Qaeda and now we have ISIS.

Religion is also a Rich Mens Trick. Get the different religions fighting amongst themselves or between each other, or get them willing to stop thinking for themselves and accept only what the church tells them to accept, they will then accept anything that the ruling class or the military demands.

Those people who are not religious and who do not watch TV - people like me - have learned to think for themselves and ask questions and do their own research. I will not conform. I have never conformed - not since I left school and the church I was raised in some 30 years ago!!! I wonder if this is why I cannot get a job? Quite frankly, I am worried. What will happen to those of us, who DO NOT CONFORM, who like to think for ourselves and who hate being told what to say and how to think and act?

Well I plan on continuing to question the events, and the leadership. I stopped watching TV years ago, because they kept expecting me to beleive all their propaganda and lies. I have been watching the alternative news channels online since 9-11.

Posted May 24, 2015

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