Ancient Maps and how they tell the TRUTH!!!

Ever since I was a teenager, I have loved Maps. I think this interest in maps came out of my fathers subscription to the National Geographic Magazine during the 1980s. I used to spend hours poring over the maps and articles. I think too this is also where my love for Social Sciences came from as well.

Maps have a had a major influence on my life. It was a map that got me asking questions about the religion I had been raised in, and from there I discovered what I beleive to be the truth about Biblical and Planetary History.

It all started when I was 16 years old - that's now over 30 years ago. I was asking myself how could 1 or 2 million Jews have wandered around the Sinai Peninsula supposedly never once retracing their steps, for 40 years? There is no way they can not have retraced their steps - not in that small triangle. Just look at how small it is. In the red circle at top left. That Sinai peninsula is very small.

It makes far more logical sense for the Jews to have actually wandered around the Empty Quarter (the larger red circle on the right) for those 40 years. There was plenty of room. There were no arabs, and no Islam religion at that time. And the Empty Quarter is easily big enough for 1 million Jews to wander around in for 40 years without once retracing their steps.

It was not until almost 15 years later, that I finally came across evidence that said that my thinking was right. Other people (who were NOT professional archaeologists) were asking these same questions. Indeed, one of them had even gone to Saudi Arabia looking. His name was Ron Wyatt. He found a mountain in the north west cormer of Saudi Arabia that fits the descriptions of Mt Sinai. It is called Jebel al Lawz.

As for how the Jews got there? Well instead of crossing the Red Sea (where the Suez Canal now runs) and heading north, this new theory says that the jews crossed what is now the Aqaba Gulf, further south at a place called Nuweiba. Nuweiba is more or less opposite the Mountain Range where Jebel el Lawz is located. See image below - taken from Google Earth.

Official Archaeologists have unanimously stated that Ron Wyatt is not a professional archaeologist and therefore he has no idea what he is talking about. The word Crackpot, is often associated with Ron Wyatt. But after doing a lot of reading, watching a lot of videos and asking a lot of questions, I am convinced that Ron Wyatt was actually right.

Now there are other theories that place Mt Sinai still in Saudi Arabia but further south than Jebel el Lawz. I'm not terribly concerned as to exactly where Mt Sinai is - as long as it is in Arabia and NOT on the Sinai Peninsula.

One of my favourite Authors is Steve Berry. Some years ago, he wrote an adventure novel called The Alexandria Link in which he also postulated the theory that Mt Sinai was in Arabia. It's getting to be a popular theory!!!

The one time I asked my church pastor some of these questions, about the Exodus, (back in the 1980s when I was a teenager before I left the church at age 19) I was told that I just had to have more faith. Sorry. My brain does not work on faith alone. It works on logic, reason and facts. All the requirements necessary for Deism.

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