Classics Club Book Challenge

I found a new Book challenge this week (January 16, 2015). I love Book challenges in general but some of them have deadlines that can be a little unrealistic. This challenge however has a FIVE year deadline. In other words, I am challenged to read FIFTY classic books in FIVE years. And one classic book per month will take 50 months - which is just over FOUR years. This should be doable. And if I'm lucky I may even be able to do TWO classic books per month.

This challenge was started back in March 2012 by a lady named Jillian. The OFFICIAL website is here - The Classics Club Challenge. Since this challenge was started almost 3 years ago, my personal challenge will run until January 2020, but Jillians will end in 2017 - unless she continues to read and review more classics. I will be reviewing these books on my new blog located here - Classics Club. You are welcome to read this blog and leave a comment.

For the purposes of this Challenge, a classic book is one that was first published 25 or more years ago. 25 years is one generation roughly. I guess that makes me ancient, since I am now TWO generations old. I turned 50 years old last year. Anyway, none of the books I read for this challenge, is permitted to have been first published after 1989!!!

One good thing I found through this challenge already, is an excellent supply of classical (out of copyright) books published online as EPubs or PDFs. This site now requires a small subscription but there are SOME free PDF's available under the Free section in the menu on the right. I will be using these for the most part. Other more recent books - but those published before 1990 - will be accessed from my Kobo store account.

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