I don't watch a lot of TV, but my most favourite Canadian TV series is called Murdoch Mysteries, starring a well known Canadian actor named Yannick Bisson.

Bisson plays Detective William Murdoch (seen at left) from the Toronto City Constabulary, but the time is set the late Victorian era (late 19th century and early 20th century). Murdoch is very much into the new art of Forensics and he loves to use the scientific methods of investigation.

In the Banner above, the characters are - from left to right - Constable George Crabtree, Dr Emily Grace, Dr Julia Ogden, Detective William Murdoch and the top boss Detective Inspector Thomas Brackenreid.

The Love Interest for Detective Murdoch is Dr Julia Ogden. She is a psychiatrist. She used to be the Forensic Coroner for the Police Force. Dr Ogden's biggest secret is that many years ago, she became pregnant and had an abortion which was botched up, damaging her reproductive system. She is now unable to have any children. Dr Ogden chose to leave Murdoch, and switch to working as a Psychiatrist, precisely because she was unable to have children. Dr Ogden married a man named Darcy Garland. But it turns out that Darcy Garland was a social climber and he was just using Ogden's social standing to help himself to get ahead. The crunch point of their relationship came at the turn of the century celebrations when 1899 ticked over to 1900. The Darcy's were invited to a high society party, while Murdoch and his colleaguse wrere attending another New Years party. Dr Ogden really really wanted to attend Murdoch's party.

In My Opinion, dr Ogden and Murdoch just don't seem to have any real chemistry. She is from a rich family, while he grabbed every chance he could, to pull himself up and out of poverty. She comes across as being untouchable and arrogant. I highly doubt that any rich and well off family would allow a daughter to marry someone from the poor part of town. On the other hand, both of Julia Ogden's parents are now dead, thus leaving her free to pursue her own path. And despite her inability to bear children, Murdoch claims that he is happy to adopt any childern they want.

On the 100th episode (Season 8, Episode 4 - Holy Matrimony, Murdoch!!) which aired on TV in November 2014, Julia Ogden and William Murdoch were married.
As for George And Grace (Shades of Star Trek anyone??), Dr Emily Grace and Constable George Crabtree have become much closer since Dr Grace joined the team as the coronor in the 5th season. They too have also had some conflict, especially with other women throwing themselves at George. He does look good in a uniform.

Dr Emily Grace is Dr Ogden's feisty protégé. An accomplished pathologist, Dr Grace is unflappable in the face of gruesome deaths, and thus a helpful assistant to Murdoch in solving crimes. Dr Grace replaced her mentor at Station House Number Four, after Dr Ogden married Darcy Garland and while Murdoch spent several months in an Alaskan gold mining town.

If I had to choose between Dr Ogden and Dr Grace, I would choose Dr Grace every time.

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